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Affordable super quality window films at the right price range for you. We’ve the choice for you.

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Head up with the extreamly hot weather with the right window film. Great Tints helps to save your interior parts.


Our security film helps to keep your belongings safe in your car and keeps your car cool in the same time.

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Smart Cool aspires to excellence by dedicating itself to providing quality affordable tinted film installation that caters to the needs of its commercial, residential and automotive customers. Our Heat Resistance Film Technology is capable of providing energy control and protection from harmful UV rays to their customers.

In order to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction, Smart Cool strives to be reliable and friendly, while maintaining a professional atmosphere. In addition, we proudly supply our customers with the newest window film products available such as solar protection window film, and our certified installers are prepared to answer all your questions to ensure your satisfaction.

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